Orewa Employment Lawyers

Orewa Employment Lawyers – Examples Of Their Work


Have you ever known anyone that has needed to hire an employment lawyer? Big employers often have them on retainer for certain situations, and for helping to draw up contracts. Both employers and employees might have the need of hiring an Orewa employment lawyer at times.


There are many different situations in which either employer or employee might want to hire an employment lawyer for example in a discrimination lawsuit or case of wrongful termination. Another example could be helping employees determine whether or not a contract for employment is favourable for them, among other things.


People might think that people in showbusiness might need a contract but the facto of the matter is that any employee in New Zealand is entitled to have an employment contract or Employment Agreement as it is known. It is not just sports stars that need advice with employment contracts. Contracts of any kind are full of so much legalese that they are hard to understand. That is because as mentioned big businesses have these types of employment lawyers on retainer to help them draw up such contracts.


Many types of contracts, especially employment contracts, are not written for the average person to understand. We don’t have to feel obligated to understand them or feel bad about not being able to understand them. They aren’t designed in that way, and they are written for a lawyer’s discernment. Unfortunately, many people roll the dice in situations where they may have needed an employment lawyer to help them out.


Then there are those times when an employment lawyer is needed to help employees who have been wrongfully terminated from their job, or have been discriminated against in some way. People don’t always hire these lawyer because of course it costs money. An ensuing legal battle occurs, and well, corporations often have the finances to see it through. Regular people on the other hand don’t always have the finances to take on such a battle.


Orewa Employment LawyersIt’s an unfortunate aspect of the legal system yet hiring an Orewa employment lawyer as an employee or former employee, then you are taking a good step. You are taking a step that many people can’t often take, and may well be advancing the working conditions of other staff members. You are standing up in the face of adversity and after being wronged. You are showing big business that there are people who can take them on, and hopefully, you can win your case. It might take a while, but a good employment lawyer is certainly going to help you out.


Ask for examples of cases that he or she has handled. That will tell you just what to expect as you continue your battle. You are going to want to make sure that you get an Orewa employment lawyer that is going to be able to take on your case. Just as there are different types of cases regarding employment law, there are lawyers who have their specialties. Experience talks, and you want an attorney who has handled your type of case before. Get ready to take on the business that has wronged you. Or get ready to take on a contract that is in your favour, but you want to be sure first.

Auckland employment lawyer

Four Situations When You Might Need To Hire An Auckland Employment Lawyer

Auckland employment lawyerThere are many different reasons why you might need to hire an Auckland employment lawyer. Below, we are going to briefly outline four key situations in which you need to contact a reputable lawyer to prevent serious legal problems arising in the future. You might think that legal fees are an unnecessary expense for your company, but they can be a great investment when you think about the fact that they could potentially save your company millions in lawsuits and fines.


To Fire An Employee

Firing an employee is not easy. There are proscribed protocols, and actions that any employer must follow otherwise they can fall foul of the NZ employment laws. For example, you might be able to fire an employee who misses three shifts, but you cannot sack a woman for getting pregnant. However, there are lots of complex situations and past practices are relevant. For instance, if you have previously not fired a male employee who came into work late four times in a row, but you decide to now fire a female employee for doing the same thing, the female employee could potentially sue you for gender discrimination. So, you need to hire an Auckland employment lawyer before you fire someone, so you can be sure you won’t get into trouble with the law. For more details of NZ employment law, you can go to the government department website.


If You Are Served With Legal Papers

Under these circumstances, it’s important to contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible. Do not talk to anyone or attempt to clear up the situation with the employee. Even if you know you were one hundred percent on the right side of the law, without professional legal help, you could still lose on a technicality.


Writing Your Handbook

It perfectly okay to write your handbook with policies unique to your business, but you need to have the book checked by a lawyer. This is because a handbook can be thought of a contract between you and your employees. In addition, you need to ensure you haven’t included any policies that breach the law. Even if you outsource the writing of your handbook to a professional company that specialises in the field, you should still make sure that you hire a qualified employment lawyer to review the completed handbook. In many cases, you may already have a qualified person on staff to check the document.


Dealing With Government Agencies

It is very important to call you employment lawyer when dealing with government agencies. You may know that you have nothing to hide, but the department officials may make a strong case for having access to personal employee files and company data. However, do not release any of these without seeking legal advice from your lawyer.

Summary- How an Auckland Employment Lawyer Might Help

There are of course many other reasons why you may need to contact a good Auckland employment lawyer that we have not covered in this article. Such reasons include dealing with internal illegal harassment complaints and starting lay-off operations. Establishing a good relationship with a reputable employment lawyer like McVeagh Fleming as early as possible can help you to avoid expensive lawsuits and non-compliance problems.

Why You Need A Lawyer In Auckland Commercial Real Estate Disputes

Why You Need A Lawyer In Auckland Commercial Real Estate Disputes

Investing in commercial real estate, if done wisely, can become a great source of money and a valuable asset. However, commercial real estate can be extremely difficult, with problems of its own. This article contains many useful tips to help you make the right choices, so that you are able to succeed with commercial real estate.

Auckland commercial real estateAlthough the opposing party is not your friend, there are a few times when you will want to work together if possible. After you have both done your inspections, it can be worthwhile to get together for coffee to compare notes. If you find a discrepancy, one or both of your inspectors were probably not completely thorough.

If your business is not that well established you may want to be careful about signing yourself up for a long-term lease. As time goes on your business may expand and the property you have may not be adequate for what you need. Having a long-term lease will hold you back for a while.

Before buying a commercial real estate property, you may want to consider writing a list of your wants and needs beforehand. This way, when you go property hunting, you can tell your real estate agent exactly what you need. This will help you to get your commercial real estate property quicker.

If trying to buy a five unit apartment requires commercial financing, which to you is a big hassle, then you shouldn’t even consider it. You should think big and go for, let’s say, a ten unit apartment. The more units you buy together, the cheaper the price per unit. Take advantage of such deals and don’t be afraid to make a big purchase.

Make a careful selection of the broker you are going to use. Take the time to get to know him and find out if your interests are going to be your broker’s first priority. If the broker does not agree with your objectives, move on to interview the next broker on your list.

Before you negotiate a commercial real estate lease, you should check out other leases. Talk with the other tenants that have comparable space and compare the different rates and terms for their leases. You need to know this information so you can get a feel of the rates and terms that you should have on your lease.

Before purchasing a commercial real estate property, be sure that you look around for an experienced agent. By getting an agent that does not have as much experience or knowledgeable, you could end up purchasing the wrong commercial real estate property or miss out on one that could have been good for you.

Auckland commercial real estate lawyersDon’t get too set on one type of commercial real estate as an investment. You may be thinking that buying an apartment building would be the best investment because people always need a place to live, but look at storefronts, office buildings and warehouses, too. You might get just as much income with a lot less hassle!

As was stated in this article, commercial real estate can be profitable and bring your a fortune. However, it’s a double edged sword and you can just as easily lose your investments. In order to make sure you succeed, make sure to follow these simple tips and trick.

To protect yourself and your investment, work with an Auckland commercial real estate lawyer.  McVeagh Fleming is one of the most respected.

Auckland Villa Renovation Specialist

Tips on Selecting a Good Villa Renovation Specialist Company



If you are have been toying around with the idea of renovating your villa; probably add a few modernistic features in your kitchen or bathroom, then your best bet would be hiring a good villa renovation specialist company. Regardless of how old your house is, you can still transform it by adding features that will make it a dream house via hiring a good renovation building company. However, building companies have become a dime and a dozen. Given the number of villas in the city, there are many villa renovations Auckland -based companies that claim to be specialists but are not. To ensure that you hire a good renovation company so that you get good services and value for your money, there are some tips you should equip yourself with. Fortunately, this article will help you with these tips on selecting a good specialist villa renovation builder. These tips include

Asking for recommendations

You can begin by asking for recommendation from your friends and family members. A top-class villa renovation specialist always makes sure that they have a good reputation that will make them highly recommended. You can also visit your local builders merchant and enquire from them which villa renovation specialist companies buy quality materials from them as this would be a telling factor of whether a company is good or not.

Experience in villa renovation in Auckland

Once you have made a list of a few specialist Auckland villa renovation companies, your next step should be analysing them meticulously. This will help you to in narrowing down your list and ending up with a couple of builders to talk to. You can begin by checking their experience. How long have they been in the villa renovation industry? Ensure that you pick a villa renovation company that has several year under its belt. Make sure they have experience like your project and not just renovating modern houses. An experienced company will give you better services as they know the ins and outs of the difficulties of villa renovation. You also stand to benefit from new ideas on how best to renovate your home if you hire an experienced renovation specialist company.

Qualification in villa renovation

Always check the level of qualification a building company. One of the best ways of checking a company qualification is via visiting them and asking for relevant documentation that proves the company is qualified. The documentation will show you that relevant authorities in your area have approved the company. Hiring a qualified home renovation company specialist that has been approved by relevant authorities would be a good idea as the company is bind by some rules that it must follow. Safety should always come first during a home renovation exercise and only accredited home renovation specialists companies ensure safety comes first. Whilst checking a company’s qualification, it would be wise to ask whether the company uses sub-contractors and if those sub-contractors are also qualified.

Online search

You can search for a good villa renovation specialist company by going to the search engines and looking for video testimonials for Auckland villa renovations especially videos given by satisfied customers. One villa renovation company that keeps appearing with excellent references is Repair and Restore Ltd. It might be worthwhile taking a look at them.


Once of the reasons why villa renovation is not a DIY affair is because of the level of expertise needed for the type of equipment used in the renovating process. A seasoned renovation company must have up-to-date equipment for the job. You can visit their premises and check the type of machinery they will use for your home renovation. A company with modern equipment is bound to give you better renovation services compared to a company that has none. As mentioned earlier, their personnel should also be qualified so that they are able to operate the modern machinery efficaciously during the renovation process.

Cost of villa renovations in Auckland

A good renovation company will always give you a detailed quote of how much they will charge you without any hesitation. Never hire a company that seems to pop up with additional costs that were never in the initial quote. Additionally, just because a company labels itself “villa renovations Auckland” does not mean they charge you an arm and a leg for their services. Beware of villa renovation companies that charge exorbitantly. As a rule of thumb, always avoid home renovation companies that charge you laughably cheap, as this could be an indicator of poor services.


Do your research wisely and you will find a good villa renovations Auckland service. The info about Repair and Restore  can be found at their website.

Finding a Good Builder

Find the Right Auckland House Building Companies for a Custom Built Home

A stage comes in many people’s lives when they decide that it is time for them to have their own home. They then have two options; either, to buy one that has already been built, or, to buy a section of land and build a home from scratch. When you exercise the second option, you again have two choices. You could build it yourself but that is incredibly difficult. The better decision is to find the right Auckland house building companies that can build for you, the house of your dreams.

Moving into a home that has already been built, will most likely be a compromise and not give you one which has all the features you require. If you want to do any modification to the structure to create those features can cost you a lot of money and as well, cause a huge amount of disruption to your family life.

On the other hand, when you have a custom-home built by the house building company of your choice, you can control every detail of the home, right from its size, plan and all other features. You can have a home that is in every detail, one that you have always wanted. You can make your own choice of materials, colours, carpeting, design of cabinets, details in your bathrooms, landscaping as you want it, and feel really proud when you move into it after it is completed.

Good house building companies will have a lot of experience in building custom homes, and in satisfying their clients in every respect, whether it is time, quality or budget. They will be able to understand every small whim or detail that the new property owner will ask for. Their experience will enable them to give their opinion and suggest alternatives, which can make it much easier for the home owner to take decisions.

Another major advantage in working with highly experienced and well-regarded building companies is that they will be aware of building codes, local regulations and other such matters. This issue is getting increasingly complex so an average contractor or fix-it type builder will not fully understand all of the requirements. By hiring a top-class house building company, you can ensure that whatever is built is legal, is completely acceptable to the authorities and will have no problem in getting a Code of Compliance. Be aware, that some less scrupulous builders might try to cut corners and save you a few thousand dollars. This might sound tempting but do not do it. When you come to sell your dream home, if it does not have the Code of Compliance signed off by the Council, it will quickly become your nightmare home. The buyer’s lawyers will insist on any remedial work being carried out which will cost thousands and the mortgage company will probably not advance them the loan. So always work with a builder who follows the Code.

Choosing the right builder for a home is an exercise that must be taken up with a lot of thought and research to seek out the one that is the most suitable for the project you have in mind. You are after all going to make a substantial investment, which may be one that is undertaken only once in a life time, and every cent that you spend, must give you the full value for your money. The professionals you choose must be able to complete your work at a time of your choice and do the work to your complete satisfaction.

You can always read advertisements to find the right home builder, but you will do a better job of choosing the right one, if you get recommendations from friends and people in your social circle, who have had their homes built, and whose homes you have appreciated. They are the people who rarely advertise, because they keep getting work through such recommendations. Make sure that whichever company you approach has a presence in the area where you want your home built, as this will cost you less in the long run. Visit their latest projects, to make sure that they are continuing to do the same quality of work, as the one you appreciated earlier.

It can do no harm to shortlist a few such building companies, so that you do have some sort of choice. Get quotations from each of them, making sure that you indicate the same plans, specifications and other details to each of them, as this is the only way you will be able to make any real comparisons of the prices. For doing this, you must be very sure of what you want to build, and try not to make changes. If you do make changes at a later date, you will have to be prepared to pay extra, for disturbing the rhythm of the work and changing the specifications. It does not mean that you should not, if you find an idea that may seem better, but be prepared to pay extra for such indulgences.

Ensure that you have a clear written contract made with the chosen building company, which details out all the work required to be carried out, payment and time schedules. Do inspect the work at regular intervals to make sure that you are getting the quality that you want and that they are on schedule to complete the work.

One highly respected Auckland house builder Repair & Restore, has built new homes for many people who have given testimonials on their website. Take a look here www.repairandrestore.co.nz to get an idea of the breadth of support their clients are happy to give.

One final thought, make sure that you always are prompt in making payments as per agreed schedules, as most Auckland house building companies will insist on this. And they will be much more responsive to your requests if they are being paid regularly.

Repair and Restore

House Builder in Auckland

How To Find An Excellent House Builders in Auckland For Your Dream Home

It’s not every day that you decide to have a house built, in fact it might be a once-in-a-lifetime project for you and your family. For this reason, you will want to take extra caution, put in some extra time for research, and get the best house builder in Auckland for the type of home you want to build, and the price you want to pay. This can be an exciting time for you and your family, finding just the right neighbourhood, that has the right section on it, that fits the floor plan that you have been dreaming of. Let us take a look at the process of choosing a house builder and some of the considerations that you need to be aware of.

Call Experts And Make A List.



There are number of different people in your local area that have some expertise with building and house builders. Real estate agents are a good place to look, they are the ones on the front line selling homes, seeing the problems, or seeing how happy their clients are with finished products. When calling a real estate agent and asking for a recommendation, it is better to give them the style of home that you are considering having built, in order to focus their attention on the builder that constructs those types of homes already. There are some builders that are perfectly capable of slapping up a sturdy, well-built speculation home. However, when it comes to building something custom-designed which requires highly detailed or skilled work, they are lost, and do not have subcontractors that can do the higher-quality work. For this reason always give the real estate agents something to focus their attention in the right direction. After all, they hope that they might be able to sell it one day and earn a nice commission from it.

Find An Area Of Newly Built Homes, Then Get Out And Walk Around.

One great way to find a builder, the builds the kind homes that you are interested in, is to visit an area of newly constructed houses, and get out and start asking questions. Find the home that looks similar to the one you want to build and spend several hours going through it, checking all the details like it was yours. Some builders turn their newly completed projects over to realtors right away, while others have in-house sales associates instead.

You can get a more candid answer from a realtor, who has other irons in the fire i.e. they could sell you a different property, than you can from the in-house sales associate. Continue to ask questions, like if that Auckland house building contractor is constructing the house next door and across the street as well, or did he only buy one lot in that subdivision for this single project? When visiting homes built by your prospective builder, be sure and check the fit of the cabinets, drawers, doors, and windows to make sure that they open and close without problems in every room of the house, flush the toilets and run the taps too.

After You Have Accumulated A List, Do Your Research.

Once you have a pretty good list of builders, now it is time to get in your car and go take a look at some of the houses they built over the past year, or even five years, to see if they have stood up to the test of time. If you narrow down your list quite a bit, it would not even hurt to knock on a few doors of the builder’s previous customers and get some opinions. They will have no reason to not tell you the truth, and this could be an excellent source of information. Ask if there were any problems with construction, and how the house builder handled them. Nearly every house has some problems, either with settling, drying of timbers, or water accumulation, that needs to be handled at a later date, when it reveals itself. However, what shows excellent house builders in Auckland, is how they return to the finished projects and fix everything to the customer’s satisfaction.

Go Online And Check To See The Builder’s Credentials, And Reviews.

Of course, it is always important to make sure that any builder that you do business with is a licensed contractor, fully insured, bonded, and is in good standing with his bankers. You can easily do searches online and find out nearly everything you need to know. You should also take the time to look out for and read some customer reviews to see if there are any skeletons in the closet that you were unable to find any other way. Some will have quotes from customers on their website while others might have videos on YouTube.

Finding good house builders in Auckland can involve a certain amount of work and research. However, it should be an enjoyable task, looking at new homes and asking questions. Just make sure you do all the right research and ask all the questions to narrow your selection down to an excellent contractor to build your dream home.

If you need further help on the subject, you can contact Repair and Restore Ltd who are some of the best reviewed house builders in Auckland.

Auckland Home Renovations Building Company

Five Factors To Look For In An Auckland Home Renovations Company

Your home is not just where you sleep at night. Nor is it just the largest financial decision, commitment and purchase of your life. It is where you live. But for many people, this can cause some dis-satisfaction over time. You might love your job, your city, your family, friends and travel. But it is your home where you spend evenings, nights and weekends with those truly closest to you. So when you get the urge to renovate part of your home, you want only the best building company to do your Auckland home renovations.

The question then becomes, what exactly do you look for? Any home renovation is going to take some time and money – usually plenty of both. If, after some preliminary investigations into costs, the big questions you want to ask is, “What will give me the most bang for my buck?” This might be an increase in the worth of your home or it might be more useable space. The answer will depend on your current priorities.

Just as important is that you also want to be sure that the job will be done right, because any home renovation is something you have to live with for years. So here, you want to ascertain which potential builder will be the right company for you to hire.

There are primarily five factors you want to judge any potential home renovation company by when shopping for your building work and renovations. Simply go through a phone book and online search, and you will identify many options. The shopping is easy, but the judging and decision is the hard part. It’s where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.

1) Experience is the first thing you want to look for. You need to know that the home renovations company you are going to trust with your renovation and money with has done your a similar project before.

You can easily find ads for contractors who advertise everything from installing swimming pools to building garages. Yet, when you call, you might find they have never actually done a garage, or did one years ago, but plenty of pools since.

Make sure they actually have worked on your specific need at least a dozen times and know the ins and outs. While you are doing this, also make sure they are in fact experienced in building homes and not just doing renovations. Certain renovations can be learned online, but only an experienced builder will know how to take into account your existing home structure.

2) Once you are satisfied that a builder has the appropriate experience in what you are specifically looking for, next make sure that they have a proven track record. Check out their testimonials, online ratings and existing customer feedback.

At the very least a business should prove that it knows how to market itself, but you should be left with the feeling that they care about how their customers after the job has been completed.

Keep in mind that complaints are not always a deal breaker, however. Check to see if complaints were justified in the first place. It is very common for the home-owner to change their mind during the project. This inevitably causes extra time and cost which can then be the cause of the dispute but in these cases it is entirely down to the home-owner, not the builder. Also find out if the builder responded with at least some attempt at reconciliation. Do not judge a business badly if a bad reviewer is just a hothead who could never be made happy.

3) The third thing you want to look for in an Auckland home renovations builder is whether or not they understand what you are trying to do. Some might hear you want to redo the kitchen and start talking options and costs. The one you want is going to listen to you first and get a feel for what you want in your future kitchen, then pitch ideas that work for you more than their bottom line.

Any good business is grateful to be doing business with you at all, hoping it leads to more business later. Most regular businesses just want to make money off you and then move on to the next project. Go with your gut here, because their body language says it all.

4) When you are convinced that they understand what you are looking to do, make sure you can have peace of mind in them doing it. Are their contractors insured, certified and licensed? Does the work come with guarantees in writing? Carry out background checks on anyone entering your home.

5) Find out how long the project will take. No business should really be able to give you an honest timeline without first visiting your home to survey the work site, but once they do, they should be able to honour your calendar commitments and minimise the interruption to your home and lifestyle. A big home renovation will take some considerable time to finish so expect the builder to be talking about months instead of weeks.

A good home renovations company Repair & Restore (www.repairandrestore.co.nz). You can see some reviews about them on their website.

Finding or building your home was a massive challenge and pursuit. Hopefully, finding the right building company to handle your alterations and renovations will prove less painful. Auckland home renovations are not small jobs, so with these five factors in mind, your project should go a lot smoother.

Renovations Builders for Older Auckland Homes

4 Cost Effective Major Renovations For The Older Home



Major renovation of an older home can be quite a chore as there a many issues to think about. There are things like wiring and plumbing which in very old houses are probably in need of replacement. But, bringing all of your utilities up to modern code is well worth the investment if you’re already going to do a large project, as you’ll have everything out in the open to easily replace. There are some major home renovations that have a better return on investment, so when you go to sell your home at a later date you’ll make a profit. Let’s look at a few of those now before you commit to a major renovation on an older home.

One of the best projects to give a good return on investment for a major home renovation builder is in the kitchen. When a new buyer comes in your home to look around, one of the most important rooms they’ll look at is going to be the kitchen. Kitchens need to be updated with an efficient floor plan that has the refrigerator, stove, and sink all laid out ergonomically.

Another common problem is that older homes tended not to have enough electrical outlets with the proper wiring for the modern cook. This is not surprising as most small electrical appliances used in the kitchen today were not even invented when many older homes were built. If replacing all the cabinets in your kitchen is going to be too big of a job, or too expensive, you should look into cabinet re-facing, which can many times be accomplished in a short period of time for a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

Another major renovation to turn an old home into a more modern, family friendly experience is the addition of a large deck. Decks can have up to a 95% return on investment which makes them an excellent choice for your renovation project. The beauty of a deck is that it adds extra living space onto your home throughout the entire summer season, where you can walk in your backyard and be above the insects on a nice deck. Decks make excellent outside kitchens with the addition of a good quality propane powered barbecue. Even in the wintertime, when your backyard is all muddy and wet, your deck will be dry to walk on. Plus you can get a gas-fired heater for your deck. Decks can be a year round place to cook up some steaks and potatoes, while not messing up your kitchen. A national survey said that decks are the number one most used outside renovation for any home.

Another excellent place to do a major renovation of your old home is in the bathroom. Bathrooms have a lot of compact storage and fixtures all jammed into a small place so they need to be well planned. Unfortunately, but many older homes were not planned to accommodate lots of cosmetics, clothing, and all the other items we deem essential in a modern bathroom. It’s fairly easy to change a toilet, the taps, refinish the bathtub, replace cabinet doors, then paint your bathroom and be done. Each one of these smaller projects would normally be done by a different contractor and they only need to be scheduled out so that they’re not running into each other as they work. In the end you would have what appears to be a completely brand-new bathroom at a mere fraction of the cost.

And one more great renovation to your old home is to add on a family room addition. Family rooms tend to be one of the most popularly used spaces in our home, second only to the kitchen. The beauty of a family with is that, once you have children, they can watch their TV shows and listen to music in the family room separate from the adults. By connecting up your deck, as discussed in the paragraph above, to the family room you can completely create a new living area separate from your kitchen and dining room. This is an incredible advantage when it comes to cleaning and taking care of your home as many times you’ll be able to just shut the door to the family room and ignore it.

As we’ve discussed, there are many major home renovations that not only increase your comfort and satisfaction with your home, but add quite a bit of value as well. You can check online to see pictures and plans of what other couples have accomplished with their renovations and additions.

However with people’s busy lives today, renovation projects take a back burner and often do not even get started. The only way you can be sure of having these projects finished is to hire a home renovation company. This way you can have all of these major renovations completed together so you reduce the length of time your home and family will suffer disruption. Plus of course you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your ideas from renovating your home.

For people in Auckland renovations companies are all around the region. This is one you can try, Repair & Restore.

Auckland Major Home Renovation Builder

When It Comes To Major Home Renovations, What Are Your Options?



If you own a home, there will come a time when you have to think about home renovations. After living in your house for many years, there may be some things about your house that you want to change. Maybe you are tired with how your old kitchen looks. Perhaps you need additional bedrooms for a growing family. Whatever your home improvement projects are, they should fill two criteria. They should result in something that will improve the enjoyment of your home, and they should add value to your house.

There are a couple of approaches to your Auckland home renovation projects. You can hire someone to do them, or you can do them yourself. There is actually a third approach, which is a combination of hiring professionals and doing part of the work yourself. How should you determine which way to go?

Cost is a major factor when exploring home renovation options. When you do the work yourself, your cost is basically the cost of materials. You provide your own labour, so your labour cost is nothing. If you hire a professional building contractor, you are paying for their labour and for the materials. They may get a discount on the materials as they buy in volume but the labour cost can make a project three times more expensive.

However, the total expenditure should not be the only criteria that you look at. Doing the work yourself is fine, but you have to be honest with yourself. Do you really have the skills to tackle your project? Major home renovations can get quite complicated. If they require the tearing down of existing structures and building new ones, that really should be left up to the professionals. For one thing, you need to know what is lying within those walls before you tear them down. Are there pipes behind there? What about wiring? Are there support structures that you should not touch? If you are reconfiguring space, you do not want to blindly tear down a wall because you could damage some vital structural areas that will be costly to fix.

Even if you are able to do the tear down successfully, do you know enough about the current building codes so that whatever you plan to build will comply with current building codes? Building contractors are required to build according to code. What they build is subject to the inspection from your local building inspector to ensure that everything is done correctly. You are paying for the contractor’s expertise and assurance that everything will pass inspection.

Doing a major home renovation yourself may cost you nearly nothing in labour, but it will cost you a lot of time. Are you prepared to commit to your project full time? All too often, homeowners have too many partially completed projects, and these often drag on for months. When you use a building company, there is a preset deadline of completion that you and the contractor had agreed on. So, if you want a new kitchen and you want it done by next month, put that down in the contract, and the contractor will be under obligation to finish the job by that date.

There are many DIY projects that you can do as part of a major renovation project. Many homeowners are able to put in a new floor covering successfully. Painting the house is an excellent DIY project that can breathe new life into a tired-looking house. Bathroom renovations are good places to tackle yourself if you do not have to deal with the plumbing pipes. A new tile floor, new fixtures, more storage cabinets, etc. can transform your bathroom space into a private little retreat.


For people living in Auckland, home renovations companies are easy to find but they all have different standards of workmanship. If you want a top class renovation job, then this company should definitely be on your short-list. Repair & Restore Ltd has some high-profile customers who have given very strong praise for their work.

So, do not rush into a decision on whether you should hire a builder or do it yourself. Evaluate your budget and your skill-set, and make the right choice about any home renovations you are considering.


Restoring Older Homes in Auckland

All You Need To Know About Restoring Older Homes

While contemporary homes may have the advantage of modern fixtures and design, an older residence will often draw the eye of buyers because of its unique style. Unlike new buildings, the older home has certain finesse in its plaster ceilings, wooden floors and elegant doors dating back to periods when homes were less functional and more artistic. However, as with all things in life, the more mature homes show the passing of time and usage. So if you are to live in one it is likely that you will be required to restore it. This article will provide ideas on restoring older homes to their former glory and elegance once more.

1. Updating wood paneling

The majority of older homes will have wooden flooring and possible wooden walls, especially exterior walls. Due to the passing of time this timber may have aged and even rotted. One method of managing the wood rot is by replacing all the flooring with concrete and tiles and using plaster-based or more modern materials for the outer walling. This will remove any chance of future paneling problems; however, it is very expensive and can destroy the character of the home. Instead, why not try replacing the walls with new wooden cladding if it has rotted. You can then varnish the wood to protect it from any future problems. Painting the wood with varnish grease will also bring out the natural colour.



2. Care for the ceiling

One of the most appealing aspects of older homes is the plaster work on the ceilings. This can be either a cornice around the top of the walls or a centre piece known as a rose. While the design itself rarely fades, the paint often chips ruining the effect of the ceiling. And of course, the plaster for the rest of the ceiling will have frequently cracked over the years. When restoring an older home it is important to check the state of the ceiling and care for it if necessary. Care for a plaster ceiling and decorations can be done by perhaps replacing the old plaster or repairing it if it is not too badly damaged. You can repaint the ceiling and then resealing it to prevent future damage. Generally this type of restoration must be completed by an expert tradesman.

3. Examine the fixtures

When doing interior home restorations or enhancements it is always necessary to consider the property’s fixtures and fittings. Older homes generally have not been kept up-to-date with the use of technology. This is most obvious when reviewing fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. When restoring, it is important to first select those fittings that require restoration as you will need a skilled restoration company to complete the task. More often than not the task will include plumbing services, electricians, carpenters, plasterers for gib work and decorators will be required to fit new fixtures in the various rooms. Dependent on the age of your home, the plumber and electrician may also be required to replace your piping and old wiring in order to fit the fixture being placed.

4. Converting the loft

Some families may choose to leave these lofts as attic storage space. However, if you are short of useable space for your family, then the loft is a great way of creating more space. You have the option of converting the loft or extending it to add another room to the property. Popular options created include guest rooms, a lounge, game rooms, reading rooms and a nursery.

It may also be that you can create a fantastic view by using the higher levels of your home so you could choose to convert the loft into a master bedroom with private bathroom and dressing room plus that wonderful view for you and your spouse.

5. Converting the basement

Similar to the loft, again, it is possible to convert this area and create another room. By adding some waterproofing, lighting and the correct decor you can create another bedroom or games room. Another idea is to create a granny-flat for an aged relative. This can be a real advantage as the external entrances are usually at ground level which saves the older person from scaling long flights of steps. And it can still give them a sense of privacy and independence.

Final words on the matter of restoring an older home

It is often the case that older homes are purchased with the thought in mind of having to restore the property. Astute buyers can see the opportunity for creating a fantastic elegant home and of adding significant value to their property. However, as can be seen, the restoration of older homes can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have a busy work and family life.

The best solution is to hire a building company that specializes in home renovations. Auckland has plenty of builders but few who command a superior reputation from their clients. One such building renovation specialist is Repair and Restore. You can get more details from their website www.repairandrestore.co.nz.