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Five Common Services From Orewa Employment Lawyers


Getting a job and starting a career can be very exciting. There is nothing like that first pay-check. However, anyone who has been in the workplace for a while knows that things don’t always work out between employees and employers. There are several laws that protect employees from sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace, but when such things do happen, it’s important to contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible. The best lawyers have years of professional legal training and experience representing victims of illegal practices in the workplace and they can ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Below are some common areas that Orewa employment lawyers work in.


Orewa employment lawyers are qualified professionals who work on cases relating to worker’s compensation, wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, retaliation for complaining, disputes over pay, and other employment-related legal issues. Disputes between employers and employees are unfortunately common in the Hibiscus Coast. Any worker who finds themselves facing a job-related legal issue should contact a reputable employment lawyer.


Some of the common grievances dealt with by top employment lawyer firms include sexual harassment, denial of benefits, improper compensation, unpaid overtime, retaliation for complaints, discrimination, and workplace violence. Discrimination cases can involve many different factors including race, religion, gender, age, and sexual orientation.


Orewa Employment LawyersIf you feel like you have been wrongly terminated from your job, it’s time to contact a lawyer. Unfortunately, due to increasing competition in the labour market, some employers are firing long-term workers to replace them with cheaper workers. Some of these terminations violate employment laws and employees are left without a job or compensation, and their benefits go unpaid. The best lawyers can ensure that all illegally terminated employees get compensation and payment for all overtime worked.


Of course, employment lawyers can also help business who have been served papers from fired workers. A business may have good reason to fire someone, but if they failed to seek the correct legal guidance before doing so, they could find themselves facing a discrimination lawsuit. It is important for any employer not to try to resolve a “misunderstanding” with a former employee personally. As soon as you receive a letter from the former employer’s lawyer, it’s time to hire your own employment lawyer to fight the charges.


The truth is that sometimes it can be difficult for businesses to prove that they did not fire an employee because they were illegal discriminating against them, but because the said employee was failing to carry out work correctly or on time. Many employers also forget that past practices can be used as evidence of discrimination. By seeking legal guidance before you fire an employee you can save yourself from the hassle of any potential false accusations of discrimination.


Employment lawyers also work with business to compile handbooks. Many companies like to include bespoke policies in their handbooks, but it’s important to ensure that these unique policies don’t violate the law. The best employment lawyer firms offer handbook review services.


Employment law is complicated, and an employer should never attempt to resolve issues without the advice from one of the Orewa employment lawyers in the area. One of the best in the Hibiscus Coast area is McVeagh Fleming who have a team of lawyers experienced in employment law.

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