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Wellington Website Assessment For Better Google Performance


Setting a website up is the initial step in launching an Internet marketing campaign.  The success or failure of your website will greatly depend on how specifically you define what your goals are for your website.  If you aren’t sure what you would like your website to achieve, then most likely it won’t end up accomplishing anything at all. Without any goals to guide the development and monitoring of your site, the only purpose your website will have is to announce online that you are open for business. You have probably invested a lot of money in your site so you owe it to yourself to get a Wellington website assessment carried out to see if it is providing the results you want.


If you are expecting your website to stimulate some type of action, whether that involves visitors filling a form out so that a representative can call them, or buying a product, there are some steps that need to be taken to make sure that your website functions at its effectively. One of the first things that indicates how well your website is working is to determine how many visitors it is receiving within a certain time frame.  A month is a good baseline measurement to use where you haven’t been doing any offline promotional activities that are out of the ordinary. Just measuring this is a good basis for a site assessment by a Wellington SEO agency.


Wellington Website AssessmentHowever, just having tons of visitors passing through your site doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a successful website.  Usually, you will want these visitors to do something while they are on your site.  It is also very important that you monitor how many visitors to your website make purchases or take whatever action you want them to.  That figure is referred to as your site conversion rate and is an essential indicator of how efficient your website is.


To determine your website’s conversion rate, take the total number of monthly visitors you have and then figure out how many of them performed an actual action while on your site.  For example, if your website had 2,000 visitors, but just 25 of them bought your product, then you would have a 1.25% site conversion.  To come up with this rate, take your total number of visitors, and then divided by the total number of visitors who have made a purchase on your site.  The result should then be divided by 100.


If you have your site set-up to get your visitors to fill a form out, then be sure to determine the difference between your sales conversion rate and site conversion rate.  That is due to the fact that not everybody who fills your form out will turn into a customer.  Whether your website has been set-up to get visitors to fill a form out or sell your product or service, the website conversion rate will measure your site’s failure or success whenever you make changes to your site.


You might discover that additional marketing strategies need to be incorporated if the traffic to your website is really low.  Several effective methods are available for improving traffic flow to your site, especially if you launch an SEO campaign for your site.  This type of campaign aims to increase your positions within the search engine results.  This will help consumers find your webs pages easier and faster.  You either can research the steps that need to be taken to make improves to your search engine rankings, or use a professional Wellington SEO agency to do this website assessment for you.  Either way, after your search engine positions, are improved, be sure to monitor them on a regular basis and make adjustments to your efforts in order to maintain high positions within the search results.


Another factor that you need to consider is how easy it is for your website visitors to perform the action that your website is set-up for. So for example, if you want visitors to fill a form out, is it easy to access the form, or do visitors need to go through a number of different levels to reach it?  If it is too hard to get to, then customers might just give up and look for different sites.  Be sure that your buttons are very visible, and that getting to your ordering page or form is easy to access.


Finally, get a professional marketer or Wellington SEO agency, not a web designer, to do a website assessment of your company.  Of course, your goal is getting visitors to fill out a form or make a purchase.  Your website copy needs to be geared specifically to your online campaigns rather than just cut and paste from your business brochure.  Having the right copy can really make a huge difference between your online campaign being profitable or not.


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