Restoring old homes Auckland

Restoring Older Homes in Auckland

All You Need To Know About Restoring Older Homes

While contemporary homes may have the advantage of modern fixtures and design, an older residence will often draw the eye of buyers because of its unique style. Unlike new buildings, the older home has certain finesse in its plaster ceilings, wooden floors and elegant doors dating back to periods when homes were less functional and more artistic. However, as with all things in life, the more mature homes show the passing of time and usage. So if you are to live in one it is likely that you will be required to restore it. This article will provide ideas on restoring older homes to their former glory and elegance once more.

1. Updating wood paneling

The majority of older homes will have wooden flooring and possible wooden walls, especially exterior walls. Due to the passing of time this timber may have aged and even rotted. One method of managing the wood rot is by replacing all the flooring with concrete and tiles and using plaster-based or more modern materials for the outer walling. This will remove any chance of future paneling problems; however, it is very expensive and can destroy the character of the home. Instead, why not try replacing the walls with new wooden cladding if it has rotted. You can then varnish the wood to protect it from any future problems. Painting the wood with varnish grease will also bring out the natural colour.

2. Care for the ceiling

One of the most appealing aspects of older homes is the plaster work on the ceilings. This can be either a cornice around the top of the walls or a centre piece known as a rose. While the design itself rarely fades, the paint often chips ruining the effect of the ceiling. And of course, the plaster for the rest of the ceiling will have frequently cracked over the years. When restoring an older home it is important to check the state of the ceiling and care for it if necessary. Care for a plaster ceiling and decorations can be done by perhaps replacing the old plaster or repairing it if it is not too badly damaged. You can repaint the ceiling and then resealing it to prevent future damage. Generally this type of restoration must be completed by an expert tradesman.

3. Examine the fixtures

When doing interior home restorations or enhancements it is always necessary to consider the property’s fixtures and fittings. Older homes generally have not been kept up-to-date with the use of technology. This is most obvious when reviewing fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. When restoring, it is important to first select those fittings that require restoration as you will need a skilled restoration company to complete the task. More often than not the task will include plumbing services, electricians, carpenters, plasterers for gib work and decorators will be required to fit new fixtures in the various rooms. Dependent on the age of your home, the plumber and electrician may also be required to replace your piping and old wiring in order to fit the fixture being placed.

4. Converting the loft

Some families may choose to leave these lofts as attic storage space. However, if you are short of useable space for your family, then the loft is a great way of creating more space. You have the option of converting the loft or extending it to add another room to the property. Popular options created include guest rooms, a lounge, game rooms, reading rooms and a nursery.

It may also be that you can create a fantastic view by using the higher levels of your home so you could choose to convert the loft into a master bedroom with private bathroom and dressing room plus that wonderful view for you and your spouse.

5. Converting the basement

Similar to the loft, again, it is possible to convert this area and create another room. By adding some waterproofing, lighting and the correct decor you can create another bedroom or games room. Another idea is to create a granny-flat for an aged relative. This can be a real advantage as the external entrances are usually at ground level which saves the older person from scaling long flights of steps. And it can still give them a sense of privacy and independence.

Final words on the matter of restoring an older home

It is often the case that older homes are purchased with the thought in mind of having to restore the property. Astute buyers can see the opportunity for creating a fantastic elegant home and of adding significant value to their property. However, as can be seen, the restoration of older homes can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have a busy work and family life.

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