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4 Cost Effective Major Renovations For The Older Home



Major renovation of an older home can be quite a chore as there a many issues to think about. There are things like wiring and plumbing which in very old houses are probably in need of replacement. But, bringing all of your utilities up to modern code is well worth the investment if you’re already going to do a large project, as you’ll have everything out in the open to easily replace. There are some major home renovations that have a better return on investment, so when you go to sell your home at a later date you’ll make a profit. Let’s look at a few of those now before you commit to a major renovation on an older home.

One of the best projects to give a good return on investment for a major home renovation builder is in the kitchen. When a new buyer comes in your home to look around, one of the most important rooms they’ll look at is going to be the kitchen. Kitchens need to be updated with an efficient floor plan that has the refrigerator, stove, and sink all laid out ergonomically.

Another common problem is that older homes tended not to have enough electrical outlets with the proper wiring for the modern cook. This is not surprising as most small electrical appliances used in the kitchen today were not even invented when many older homes were built. If replacing all the cabinets in your kitchen is going to be too big of a job, or too expensive, you should look into cabinet re-facing, which can many times be accomplished in a short period of time for a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

Another major renovation to turn an old home into a more modern, family friendly experience is the addition of a large deck. Decks can have up to a 95% return on investment which makes them an excellent choice for your renovation project. The beauty of a deck is that it adds extra living space onto your home throughout the entire summer season, where you can walk in your backyard and be above the insects on a nice deck. Decks make excellent outside kitchens with the addition of a good quality propane powered barbecue. Even in the wintertime, when your backyard is all muddy and wet, your deck will be dry to walk on. Plus you can get a gas-fired heater for your deck. Decks can be a year round place to cook up some steaks and potatoes, while not messing up your kitchen. A national survey said that decks are the number one most used outside renovation for any home.

Another excellent place to do a major renovation of your old home is in the bathroom. Bathrooms have a lot of compact storage and fixtures all jammed into a small place so they need to be well planned. Unfortunately, but many older homes were not planned to accommodate lots of cosmetics, clothing, and all the other items we deem essential in a modern bathroom. It’s fairly easy to change a toilet, the taps, refinish the bathtub, replace cabinet doors, then paint your bathroom and be done. Each one of these smaller projects would normally be done by a different contractor and they only need to be scheduled out so that they’re not running into each other as they work. In the end you would have what appears to be a completely brand-new bathroom at a mere fraction of the cost.

And one more great renovation to your old home is to add on a family room addition. Family rooms tend to be one of the most popularly used spaces in our home, second only to the kitchen. The beauty of a family with is that, once you have children, they can watch their TV shows and listen to music in the family room separate from the adults. By connecting up your deck, as discussed in the paragraph above, to the family room you can completely create a new living area separate from your kitchen and dining room. This is an incredible advantage when it comes to cleaning and taking care of your home as many times you’ll be able to just shut the door to the family room and ignore it.

As we’ve discussed, there are many major home renovations that not only increase your comfort and satisfaction with your home, but add quite a bit of value as well. You can check online to see pictures and plans of what other couples have accomplished with their renovations and additions.

However with people’s busy lives today, renovation projects take a back burner and often do not even get started. The only way you can be sure of having these projects finished is to hire a home renovation company. This way you can have all of these major renovations completed together so you reduce the length of time your home and family will suffer disruption. Plus of course you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your ideas from renovating your home.

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