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Five Factors To Look For In An Auckland Home Renovations Company

Your home is not just where you sleep at night. Nor is it just the largest financial decision, commitment and purchase of your life. It is where you live. But for many people, this can cause some dis-satisfaction over time. You might love your job, your city, your family, friends and travel. But it is your home where you spend evenings, nights and weekends with those truly closest to you. So when you get the urge to renovate part of your home, you want only the best building company to do your Auckland home renovations.

The question then becomes, what exactly do you look for? Any home renovation is going to take some time and money – usually plenty of both. If, after some preliminary investigations into costs, the big questions you want to ask is, “What will give me the most bang for my buck?” This might be an increase in the worth of your home or it might be more useable space. The answer will depend on your current priorities.

Just as important is that you also want to be sure that the job will be done right, because any home renovation is something you have to live with for years. So here, you want to ascertain which potential builder will be the right company for you to hire.

There are primarily five factors you want to judge any potential home renovation company by when shopping for your building work and renovations. Simply go through a phone book and online search, and you will identify many options. The shopping is easy, but the judging and decision is the hard part. It’s where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.

1) Experience is the first thing you want to look for. You need to know that the home renovations company you are going to trust with your renovation and money with has done your a similar project before.

You can easily find ads for contractors who advertise everything from installing swimming pools to building garages. Yet, when you call, you might find they have never actually done a garage, or did one years ago, but plenty of pools since.

Make sure they actually have worked on your specific need at least a dozen times and know the ins and outs. While you are doing this, also make sure they are in fact experienced in building homes and not just doing renovations. Certain renovations can be learned online, but only an experienced builder will know how to take into account your existing home structure.

2) Once you are satisfied that a builder has the appropriate experience in what you are specifically looking for, next make sure that they have a proven track record. Check out their testimonials, online ratings and existing customer feedback.

At the very least a business should prove that it knows how to market itself, but you should be left with the feeling that they care about how their customers after the job has been completed.

Keep in mind that complaints are not always a deal breaker, however. Check to see if complaints were justified in the first place. It is very common for the home-owner to change their mind during the project. This inevitably causes extra time and cost which can then be the cause of the dispute but in these cases it is entirely down to the home-owner, not the builder. Also find out if the builder responded with at least some attempt at reconciliation. Do not judge a business badly if a bad reviewer is just a hothead who could never be made happy.

3) The third thing you want to look for in an Auckland home renovations builder is whether or not they understand what you are trying to do. Some might hear you want to redo the kitchen and start talking options and costs. The one you want is going to listen to you first and get a feel for what you want in your future kitchen, then pitch ideas that work for you more than their bottom line.

Any good business is grateful to be doing business with you at all, hoping it leads to more business later. Most regular businesses just want to make money off you and then move on to the next project. Go with your gut here, because their body language says it all.

4) When you are convinced that they understand what you are looking to do, make sure you can have peace of mind in them doing it. Are their contractors insured, certified and licensed? Does the work come with guarantees in writing? Carry out background checks on anyone entering your home.

5) Find out how long the project will take. No business should really be able to give you an honest timeline without first visiting your home to survey the work site, but once they do, they should be able to honour your calendar commitments and minimise the interruption to your home and lifestyle. A big home renovation will take some considerable time to finish so expect the builder to be talking about months instead of weeks.

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Finding or building your home was a massive challenge and pursuit. Hopefully, finding the right building company to handle your alterations and renovations will prove less painful. Auckland home renovations are not small jobs, so with these five factors in mind, your project should go a lot smoother.