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When It Comes To Major Home Renovations, What Are Your Options?



If you own a home, there will come a time when you have to think about home renovations. After living in your house for many years, there may be some things about your house that you want to change. Maybe you are tired with how your old kitchen looks. Perhaps you need additional bedrooms for a growing family. Whatever your home improvement projects are, they should fill two criteria. They should result in something that will improve the enjoyment of your home, and they should add value to your house.

There are a couple of approaches to your Auckland home renovation projects. You can hire someone to do them, or you can do them yourself. There is actually a third approach, which is a combination of hiring professionals and doing part of the work yourself. How should you determine which way to go?

Cost is a major factor when exploring home renovation options. When you do the work yourself, your cost is basically the cost of materials. You provide your own labour, so your labour cost is nothing. If you hire a professional building contractor, you are paying for their labour and for the materials. They may get a discount on the materials as they buy in volume but the labour cost can make a project three times more expensive.

However, the total expenditure should not be the only criteria that you look at. Doing the work yourself is fine, but you have to be honest with yourself. Do you really have the skills to tackle your project? Major home renovations can get quite complicated. If they require the tearing down of existing structures and building new ones, that really should be left up to the professionals. For one thing, you need to know what is lying within those walls before you tear them down. Are there pipes behind there? What about wiring? Are there support structures that you should not touch? If you are reconfiguring space, you do not want to blindly tear down a wall because you could damage some vital structural areas that will be costly to fix.

Even if you are able to do the tear down successfully, do you know enough about the current building codes so that whatever you plan to build will comply with current building codes? Building contractors are required to build according to code. What they build is subject to the inspection from your local building inspector to ensure that everything is done correctly. You are paying for the contractor’s expertise and assurance that everything will pass inspection.

Doing a major home renovation yourself may cost you nearly nothing in labour, but it will cost you a lot of time. Are you prepared to commit to your project full time? All too often, homeowners have too many partially completed projects, and these often drag on for months. When you use a building company, there is a preset deadline of completion that you and the contractor had agreed on. So, if you want a new kitchen and you want it done by next month, put that down in the contract, and the contractor will be under obligation to finish the job by that date.

There are many DIY projects that you can do as part of a major renovation project. Many homeowners are able to put in a new floor covering successfully. Painting the house is an excellent DIY project that can breathe new life into a tired-looking house. Bathroom renovations are good places to tackle yourself if you do not have to deal with the plumbing pipes. A new tile floor, new fixtures, more storage cabinets, etc. can transform your bathroom space into a private little retreat.


For people living in Auckland, home renovations companies are easy to find but they all have different standards of workmanship. If you want a top class renovation job, then this company should definitely be on your short-list. Repair & Restore Ltd has some high-profile customers who have given very strong praise for their work.

So, do not rush into a decision on whether you should hire a builder or do it yourself. Evaluate your budget and your skill-set, and make the right choice about any home renovations you are considering.