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Orewa Employment Lawyers – Examples Of Their Work


Have you ever known anyone that has needed to hire an employment lawyer? Big employers often have them on retainer for certain situations, and for helping to draw up contracts. Both employers and employees might have the need of hiring an Orewa employment lawyer at times.


There are many different situations in which either employer or employee might want to hire an employment lawyer for example in a discrimination lawsuit or case of wrongful termination. Another example could be helping employees determine whether or not a contract for employment is favourable for them, among other things.


People might think that people in showbusiness might need a contract but the facto of the matter is that any employee in New Zealand is entitled to have an employment contract or Employment Agreement as it is known. It is not just sports stars that need advice with employment contracts. Contracts of any kind are full of so much legalese that they are hard to understand. That is because as mentioned big businesses have these types of employment lawyers on retainer to help them draw up such contracts.


Many types of contracts, especially employment contracts, are not written for the average person to understand. We don’t have to feel obligated to understand them or feel bad about not being able to understand them. They aren’t designed in that way, and they are written for a lawyer’s discernment. Unfortunately, many people roll the dice in situations where they may have needed an employment lawyer to help them out.


Then there are those times when an employment lawyer is needed to help employees who have been wrongfully terminated from their job, or have been discriminated against in some way. People don’t always hire these lawyer because of course it costs money. An ensuing legal battle occurs, and well, corporations often have the finances to see it through. Regular people on the other hand don’t always have the finances to take on such a battle.


Orewa Employment LawyersIt’s an unfortunate aspect of the legal system yet hiring an Orewa employment lawyer as an employee or former employee, then you are taking a good step. You are taking a step that many people can’t often take, and may well be advancing the working conditions of other staff members. You are standing up in the face of adversity and after being wronged. You are showing big business that there are people who can take them on, and hopefully, you can win your case. It might take a while, but a good employment lawyer is certainly going to help you out.


Ask for examples of cases that he or she has handled. That will tell you just what to expect as you continue your battle. You are going to want to make sure that you get an Orewa employment lawyer that is going to be able to take on your case. Just as there are different types of cases regarding employment law, there are lawyers who have their specialties. Experience talks, and you want an attorney who has handled your type of case before. Get ready to take on the business that has wronged you. Or get ready to take on a contract that is in your favour, but you want to be sure first.

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Four Situations When You Might Need To Hire An Auckland Employment Lawyer

Auckland employment lawyerThere are many different reasons why you might need to hire an Auckland employment lawyer. Below, we are going to briefly outline four key situations in which you need to contact a reputable lawyer to prevent serious legal problems arising in the future. You might think that legal fees are an unnecessary expense for your company, but they can be a great investment when you think about the fact that they could potentially save your company millions in lawsuits and fines.


To Fire An Employee

Firing an employee is not easy. There are proscribed protocols, and actions that any employer must follow otherwise they can fall foul of the NZ employment laws. For example, you might be able to fire an employee who misses three shifts, but you cannot sack a woman for getting pregnant. However, there are lots of complex situations and past practices are relevant. For instance, if you have previously not fired a male employee who came into work late four times in a row, but you decide to now fire a female employee for doing the same thing, the female employee could potentially sue you for gender discrimination. So, you need to hire an Auckland employment lawyer before you fire someone, so you can be sure you won’t get into trouble with the law. For more details of NZ employment law, you can go to the government department website.


If You Are Served With Legal Papers

Under these circumstances, it’s important to contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible. Do not talk to anyone or attempt to clear up the situation with the employee. Even if you know you were one hundred percent on the right side of the law, without professional legal help, you could still lose on a technicality.


Writing Your Handbook

It perfectly okay to write your handbook with policies unique to your business, but you need to have the book checked by a lawyer. This is because a handbook can be thought of a contract between you and your employees. In addition, you need to ensure you haven’t included any policies that breach the law. Even if you outsource the writing of your handbook to a professional company that specialises in the field, you should still make sure that you hire a qualified employment lawyer to review the completed handbook. In many cases, you may already have a qualified person on staff to check the document.


Dealing With Government Agencies

It is very important to call you employment lawyer when dealing with government agencies. You may know that you have nothing to hide, but the department officials may make a strong case for having access to personal employee files and company data. However, do not release any of these without seeking legal advice from your lawyer.

Summary- How an Auckland Employment Lawyer Might Help

There are of course many other reasons why you may need to contact a good Auckland employment lawyer that we have not covered in this article. Such reasons include dealing with internal illegal harassment complaints and starting lay-off operations. Establishing a good relationship with a reputable employment lawyer like McVeagh Fleming as early as possible can help you to avoid expensive lawsuits and non-compliance problems.