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Finding a Good Builder

Find the Right Auckland House Building Companies for a Custom Built Home

A stage comes in many people’s lives when they decide that it is time for them to have their own home. They then have two options; either, to buy one that has already been built, or, to buy a section of land and build a home from scratch. When you exercise the second option, you again have two choices. You could build it yourself but that is incredibly difficult. The better decision is to find the right Auckland house building companies that can build for you, the house of your dreams.

Moving into a home that has already been built, will most likely be a compromise and not give you one which has all the features you require. If you want to do any modification to the structure to create those features can cost you a lot of money and as well, cause a huge amount of disruption to your family life.

On the other hand, when you have a custom-home built by the house building company of your choice, you can control every detail of the home, right from its size, plan and all other features. You can have a home that is in every detail, one that you have always wanted. You can make your own choice of materials, colours, carpeting, design of cabinets, details in your bathrooms, landscaping as you want it, and feel really proud when you move into it after it is completed.

Good house building companies will have a lot of experience in building custom homes, and in satisfying their clients in every respect, whether it is time, quality or budget. They will be able to understand every small whim or detail that the new property owner will ask for. Their experience will enable them to give their opinion and suggest alternatives, which can make it much easier for the home owner to take decisions.

Another major advantage in working with highly experienced and well-regarded building companies is that they will be aware of building codes, local regulations and other such matters. This issue is getting increasingly complex so an average contractor or fix-it type builder will not fully understand all of the requirements. By hiring a top-class house building company, you can ensure that whatever is built is legal, is completely acceptable to the authorities and will have no problem in getting a Code of Compliance. Be aware, that some less scrupulous builders might try to cut corners and save you a few thousand dollars. This might sound tempting but do not do it. When you come to sell your dream home, if it does not have the Code of Compliance signed off by the Council, it will quickly become your nightmare home. The buyer’s lawyers will insist on any remedial work being carried out which will cost thousands and the mortgage company will probably not advance them the loan. So always work with a builder who follows the Code.

Choosing the right builder for a home is an exercise that must be taken up with a lot of thought and research to seek out the one that is the most suitable for the project you have in mind. You are after all going to make a substantial investment, which may be one that is undertaken only once in a life time, and every cent that you spend, must give you the full value for your money. The professionals you choose must be able to complete your work at a time of your choice and do the work to your complete satisfaction.

You can always read advertisements to find the right home builder, but you will do a better job of choosing the right one, if you get recommendations from friends and people in your social circle, who have had their homes built, and whose homes you have appreciated. They are the people who rarely advertise, because they keep getting work through such recommendations. Make sure that whichever company you approach has a presence in the area where you want your home built, as this will cost you less in the long run. Visit their latest projects, to make sure that they are continuing to do the same quality of work, as the one you appreciated earlier.

It can do no harm to shortlist a few such building companies, so that you do have some sort of choice. Get quotations from each of them, making sure that you indicate the same plans, specifications and other details to each of them, as this is the only way you will be able to make any real comparisons of the prices. For doing this, you must be very sure of what you want to build, and try not to make changes. If you do make changes at a later date, you will have to be prepared to pay extra, for disturbing the rhythm of the work and changing the specifications. It does not mean that you should not, if you find an idea that may seem better, but be prepared to pay extra for such indulgences.

Ensure that you have a clear written contract made with the chosen building company, which details out all the work required to be carried out, payment and time schedules. Do inspect the work at regular intervals to make sure that you are getting the quality that you want and that they are on schedule to complete the work.

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One final thought, make sure that you always are prompt in making payments as per agreed schedules, as most Auckland house building companies will insist on this. And they will be much more responsive to your requests if they are being paid regularly.

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